4th Aviation Squadron


The 4th Aviation. Squadron (Sep.) was an all black unit established at Maxwell on 10 June 1941 and one of the first black units established in Alabama. Though its official mission was stated as "security," their primary duties involved service as janitors, chauffeurs, truck drivers, foot messengers, and hospital and mess hall attendants. The squadron, also received shipments of other black soldiers who were attached to the unit while waiting for assignment within the Eastern Flying Training Command. In keeping with the segregation policies of that time. The squadron was relocated to a "tent city" near the Prison Camp on 24 March 1942. A month later they moved into the four newly constructed barracks in the 1200 area (1208-1211) which were located between the prison and the base dump. The area soon included a Mess Hall (1214), Administrative Bldg (1215), a theater (1212), Recreation (1206 and 1207), post exchange (1213), and a swimming pool. These facilities essentially constituted what was, for all practical purposes, a separate, black military installation on Maxwell FieId.


Buildings in the 1200 area were at, one time, identified for demolition, but the effort was halted by Mr. Lawrence Oaks the State Historic Preservation Officer.


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